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Cine Film Transfer To DVD

Penny Lane Video specializes in highest quality, flicker free Cine film to DVD transfers for clients throughout the UK. We can also convert Cine film to various digital formats including Avi and Mini DV.

We use only the latest transfer units with led lighting . Bulbs give uneven and usually dark lighting resulting in loss of quality. Our high quality transfer equipment will provide you only the very best bright and evenly lit, flicker free conversion of your precious Cine films. Nobody can do it better. Despite what others say frame scanning is not the best method for transferring film, as can be seen at the bottom of our customer feedback page.

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Prices for all types of 8mm cine film transfers are as follows:-

  • Super 8 or Standard 8 film is charged at £24 per 400ft spool.
  • A 200ft 5 inch Diameter spool is £12 per spool.
  • 50ft cine reels (3 inches in diameter) attract an additional handling charge of £1 per cine film spool making them £4.00 each.
  • Footage is charged Prorata, you will need to additionaly add the Delivery Media cost as below.

Delivery Media Costs

  • Transfer onto a Play Only DVD which is editable & copyable £20.00for up to 1600ft.
  • Transfer to AVI computer files or other computer file type the cost is usually an Additional £10 to £20 on top of the DVD price. You will need to provide Hard Drive, Memory card etc.
  • If you need to transfer to anything else please ask for costs.

Extra Services offered

  • Additional DVD copies are £5 each, ordered at the same time as your film transfer.
  • Dvd Authoring, Menu creation and Chaptering £20, with a menu you can choose which film to watch.
  • Titles in between each film are 60p each
  • Gift Vouchers available from £30

All prices are PLUS Delivery

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