Hi8 Video

Video8, Hi8, Digital8 tape

Hi8 video transfer to dvd,

We transfer many, many hi8 video tapes to dvd per week. Get yours to us as soon as possible, the equipment to play 8mm video tapes on isn’t getting any easier to find. Sooner or later it will be impossibble to find a Video 8 and Hi8 cameras of any kind. The cost will eventually go up due to the difficulty in sourcing playback equipment

Video transfer/conversion prices

£20 for 1 video tape (up to 2hrs) including DVD and return post (Recorded Delivery)

Return post by Special Delivery also available – please call for pricing

Discounts available for 3 or more individual video tapes to separate DVD’s

Pricing as low as £12 per video converted to DVD, for larger quantities of tapes

All DVD’s are presented in a DVD case

If you have more than 1 tape to make up the 3 hours there is  additional charges – please call

Additional DVD duplication prices
  • Additional copies of your DVD for friends or relatives etc:
    • up to 3 DVD copies £5 each
    • 4 to 10 DVD copies £4 each
    • 11 to 20 DVD copies £3.50 each
    • For larger quantity duplication please call for pricing
  • AS AVI computer files the cost is usually an Additional £25 on top of the DVD price. You will need to provide Hard rive, Memory card etc.
Optional services
  • DVD menu authoring and chaptering services available.
All prices include recorded delivery unless specified.
We also transfer Minidv, Vhs, Vhsc, Svhs, SvhscVideo8, Digital8 all to dvd or files

Credit card payments

Hi8 Video to DVD, Digital 8 to DVD, Video8 to DVD